# Modules prepared on National Missions
Social Mobilization & Institutional Development
A Training Module on National Urban Livelihoods Mission
  Swachh Bharath Mission
Swachh Bharath Mission: Concepts and Best Practices – Reading Material
Swachh Bharath Swachh Telangana lo Parishudhyam Mariyu Ghana Vyardha Padhardhala Nirvahana (Telugu Module on Swachh Bharath Swachh Telangana)
# Other documents (Translations in Telugu)  
Jaathiya Pattana Jeevanopaadhula Mission – Mission Pathramu (National Urban Livelihoods Mission –Mission Document)  
Saamaajika Sameekarana mariyu Samsthaagatha Abhivriddhi –  Karyaacharana  Margadarshakaalu (Social Mobilization & Institutional Development – Operational Guidelines)
Saamardhyatha abhivriddhi Mariyu Sikshana - Karyaacharana Margadarshakaalu (Capacity Building and Training Operational Guidelines)  
Upadhi Tho Koodina Naipunyathaa Sikshana - Karyaacharana Margadarshakaalu (Employment Through Skils Training & Placement – Operational Guidelines)
Gruha Vasathi Leni Pattana Pedala Ashraya Padhakam - Karyaacharana Margadarshakaalu (Shelter for the Urban Homeless – Operational Guidelines)
6 Swayam Upadhi Karyakramam Nirvahana - Karyaacharana Margadarshakaalu (Self Employment Program Operational Guidelines)
Pattana Veedhi Vikrayadhaarula Cheyuutha - Karyaacharana Margadarshakaalu (Support to     Urban  Street Vendors – Operational Guidelines) 


# Modules
1 Financial Resource Mobilization in Urban Local Bodies
2 Sustainable Urban Planning
3 Service Level Benchmarking in ULBs
4 GIS Based Property Tax Reform
5 Urban Services for Elected Representatives
6 Urban Governance for Elected Representatives
7 Management of Urban Development
8 Development Control Building Regulations
9 Resource Mobilization and Sustainability in Urban Poverty
10 Reform Framework of Financing Urban Poverty Alleviation
11 Property Tax Reforms
12 An Overview of Concept and Issues Concerning the Informal Sector
13 The Urban Informal Sector
14 SWM RULES 2000 – Implementation strategies in ULBs
15 Water Supply and Sanitation in ULBs for Elected Representatives
16 Orientation Programme for Elected Representative on Service Level Benchmarks for Urban Local Bodies
17 Implementation of Service Level Benchmarks in Urban Sewerage
18 Development Control Regulations and Sustainable Urban Planning
19 Service Level Benchmarks for Water Supply and Sewerage
20 Municipal Service Level Benchmarks for Integrated Solid Waste Management Institutional Mechanism
21 Development of Urban Sewerage Project
22 Basic Civic Service Delivery Management
23 Urban Solid Waste Management for Elected Representatives
24 Solid Waste Management for Newly Appointed Environmental Engineers
25 Public Private Partnership in Solid Waste Management
26 Quality Management in Municipal Water Supply
27 Energy Efficiency Management in Municipal Services
28 Project Management for Urban Infrastructure Development
29 Development Control & Building Regulation for Sustainable Urban Development
30 Management of Municipal Solid Waste
31 Water Quality Management
32 Solid Waste Management